We offer a comprehensive package of international transportation and logistical services. With a strong presence in both the United States and Mexico, we help clients move goods domestically, effectively ship materials across the border and store cargo if needed.

U.S. Domestic Transport

With a large fleet of U.S. based trucks we provide regional and long haul direct deliveries within the United States.

US Mexico Cross-Border

Crossing borders can get complicated and confusing. We make it easy for you to ship goods between Mexico and the USA using expertise and infrastructure.

Intermodal Drayage

We coordinate drayage for intermodal freight and provide efficient movement of goods in and out of ports and rail yards.

Mexico Domestic Transport

Our Mexican affiliate, TUM Mexico, is one of the largest domestic transportation providers throughout the country.

border drayage

With the ability to work on both sides of the border, TUM assists international freight shipping with our border drayage service.

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer cost effective and reliable storage, cross-docking, order management, distribution and fulfillment services.

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